Are you working with customers coming from immigrant background? Are you aiming to offer a culturally sensitive designed service? My workshops can help you to train that!


I believe that the process of integration of foreigners can be simplified through formal and informal education of both foreigners and Finnish host community: that is why I facilitate workshops regarding job seeking, international talent boost, intercultural communication and cultural intelligence.

Different cultural backgrounds require different kind of solutions, and this concept is important to keep in mind when designing and customizing the programs offered to immigrants.

I have been in cooperation with workgroups from Valtionvirasto, Sivistystyönantajat, Elinkeinoelämän keskusliitto, THL, Metropolia, Karelia-Ammattikorkeakoulu, Suomen Yrittäjät and much more. My specialty is of being both an expert by education and by experience: with my job experience and activity first as mentee and then as mentor, I have been developing a wide knowledge of Finnish work life.

I combine academic competence with personal experience, designing my workshops according to the recipient: some are designed to project workers, some to the project participants. Book a free consultation to get to know more about the many options I can offer you!


From my trainings, you and your colleagues can get:

·       Better knowledge on how to strain for a more inclusive service

·       Realize the benefits of diversity, like innovation, happier staff and customers

·       Multiculturalism-oriented exercises

·       challenges and solutions for the recruitment of international talents

·       A close look over the international community in Finland – datas and statistics

·       Facts over minorities discrimination and culturally sensitive support



While your customers can get:

·       How to establish an effective network in Finland

·       Strengths identification

·       Tools for a successful job search

·       Self branding



Interested? Drop me a line!

Current hot topics of discussion are:


  • Effective networking

  • Diversity and inclusion in modern advertising

  • challenges and solutions for the recruitment of international talents

  • The international community in Finland – datas and statistics

  • Self branding

  • Discrimination and culturally sensitive support