My story:

"I am a messy writer, with a passion for women empowerment and a terrible fear of hens.

My mother tongue is Italian, I have studied in English, I read in Spanish, I speak Finnish at work and I lose my temper in Neapolitan."

I am Chiara (pronounced keeara), an Italian based in Helsinki and cultural mediator. I focus on cultural differences among people, using the data for solving issues such as integration, unemployment and equality.


I am graduated in “Plurilinguism and multiculturalism” and at the moment, my main area of interest is the integration of foreigners inside the Finnish job market.

My mission during these years of work for the City of Helsinki and for Väestöliitto, is to create a bridge between these international talents and their Finnish future employers.

Many years of experience as cultural mediator have shown me the importance of bringing attention to the job market as a tool for dismantling discrimination, xenophobia, and prejudice.



I believe that the process of integration of foreigners can be simplified through formal and informal education of employers and workplaces, activism and involving the Finnish host community to play its part in the inclusion process.

This is why I try to be vocal and make the local community aware of the differences between the foreigners present on the territory.

We all have different stories, and this information is important in designing and customizing the programs offered to immigrants. Internationality comes with intersectionality!


My activism also involves on being the Chairwoman of IWWOF - International Working Women of Finland, a community member of INKLUUSIV network and one of the founders of the +Collective. Last but not least, I am part of an international, intercultural and inter religious family, and I am proud of my ethnically mixed origins.


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